Coronavirus – Covid-19 TouchstoneEnergy Statement

27. 03. 20 Marcus Kelly

Coronavirus – Covid-19: A TouchstoneEnergy Statement

Date: 16th March 2020

TouchstoneEnergy Customer Service & Support Planning

At this challenging time, our first priority is the safety and wellbeing of our staff, customers and their family members.

For that reason, TouchstoneEnergy has been encouraging home working and avoiding unnecessary travel, or face to face interaction with colleagues, and customer meetings.

As an organisation, we are well prepared for the current disruption. In recent years we have increasingly sought to use technology to allow us to engage with customers remotely where necessary, to assist them along the critical stages of selecting, implementing, adopting and optimising business applications.

All of our team members are currently working from home. They use remote communication tools and their inbuilt capabilities to enable a full suite of collaboration techniques.

Whilst the coming weeks will undoubtedly be difficult ones for the country and for the individuals and families directly affected, at TouchstoneEnergy we are very much open for business, we have a depth of resource and capability to deal with the challenges we face.

We have the people in place working remotely at home to continue to provide on-going support to our customers, to enable them to carry out their important activities at this difficult time, and a sales management and consultancy team to assist them to explore any future ambitions.

Thank You

The TouchstoneEnergy Team

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Marcus Kelly

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