Infor d/EPM

Financial Consolidations

The smarter way to consolidate your finances

A comprehensive view of any Energy organisation’s financial position.

Infor d/EPM automates the consolidation of legal entities across multiple geographical locations - making the entire process fast, accurate and risk free.

Business-critical financial insights

By consolidating financial data from subsidiaries and entities across your enterprise, including those with complex ownership structures, multi-currency, and inter-company transactions, d/EPM creates a single set of financial statements with reporting and KPIs.

Accurately report business-critical insights from operating units worldwide using detailed audit trails to track all consolidation adjustments, inter-company eliminations and calculation of minority shareholding - delivering a unified view of your organisation’s financial performance to key stakeholders.

Fast, agile, and connected

Automate complex multi-layer consolidations to provide a fast and agile way of consistently delivering financial reporting to senior management and stakeholders.

With Infor d/EPM’s Financial Consolidation you can automate complex consolidation measures and free up time and resources for more analytical tasks - providing a fast, agile and connected way of consistently delivering internal and external reporting to senior management.

Meets GAAP and IFRS requirements

When externally disclosing consolidated financial reports, publicly listed companies must comply with IFRS as well as follow the accounting principles of GAAP.

Integrating with financial planning and analysis, Infor d/EPM Financial Consolidations produces audit-proof financial statements that meet the regulatory reporting requirements of International Reporting standards such as GAAP and IFRS.

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Key Benefits of Infor d/EPM Financial Consolidations:

Align internal management and statutory reporting.

Increased insight into group financial reporting.

Improve collaboration with harmonised approval workflows.

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