Infor OS

Infor Document Management

The smarter way to manage your documents

Infor Document Management provides centralized storage of business documents.

Infor Document Management allows users to attach, view, edit, share, download and control the flow of electronic documents around your organization whilst retaining document security.

Tagging and accessing documents

Using Infor Document Management, users can tag documents using both standard and custom attributes.

Users can then drag and drop these documents into their relevant document folder where they are automatically stored with their attributes attached based on the context of the document.

Whether the document is an AP invoice, a technical specification, or a purchase order, provided the user has the right security and permissions, documents of any type are accessible at any time.

View documentation based on activity

As users traverse and act in the system, the information in their widget updates.

As documents are distributed based on system activity, only users with relevant permissions will be shown those documents, tasks and alerts related to the document displayed, enabling associated operations to be executed quickly.

Consolidated view of all activity

With Infor Document Management all activity is tied to distributions configured in the ION desk.

As a result, users are able to receive alerts, tasks and notifications relating to the activity within their individual inbox.

Users can then immediately act on tasks and activity that have been sent to the inbox or within the relevant application, as well as via widgets in HomePages and on their mobile device.

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Key Benefits of Infor Document Management:

Design, create and automatically distribute documents.

View, append and update relative tasks, alerts and documents.

Consolidated view of all tasks, alerts and notifications in one place.

Other features of Infor OS:

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