Infor OS

Infor OS Technology Stack

The smarter way to connect your business systems

The Infor OS Technology Stack seamlessly integrates your business systems.

Designed as your digital transformation platform, the Infor OS Technology Stack (Infor OS) allows you to build a centralized space for collaboration, business process improvement, enterprise document management, and contextual analysis that’s embedded within your ERP, financial, EAM and other business systems.

Putting the user at the center of every experience, its intuitive design results in a connected, intelligent network that automates, anticipates, predicts and informs stakeholders organization-wide with visibility and real-time management information needed to drive business decisions.

The stack:

Infor Data Lake

Efficiently manage your data in a cost-effective repository that allows for innovation with advanced analytics and AI whilst maintaining integrity.

Infor HomePages

HomePages combines personalized landing pages with KPI’s, and other information crucial to daily activities, in one location.

Infor IFS

Using single sign-on IFS allows you to authenticate, authorize, and regulate users and APIs in a globally secure software environment.

Infor Ming.le

Ming.le creates a communication platform for users to subscribe and view important information relating to their daily tasks in a single place.

Infor Go

With common security and SSO, Infor Go enables you to view HomePages, application views and your personalized inbox via a mobile app.

Infor Mongoose

Mongoose is a development platform that enables you to build feature-rich web applications to extend the functionality of your ERP system.

Infor GRC

An automated system that identifies, analyses, and continuously monitors who accesses, controls and governs your IT systems.

Infor Talent

A cloud-based predictive talent analytics solution that helps you build diverse teams and personalize career path strategies.

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Other features of Infor OS:

Infor ION

Infor ION

Infor Intelligent Open Network (ION) integrates any 3rd party enterprise systems with Infor business software eliminating information silos and optimizing your return on technology investments.

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Infor Document Management

Infor Document Management

Infor Document Management allows users to attach, view, edit, share, download and control the flow of electronic documents around your organization whilst retaining document security.

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Infor Workflow

Infor Workflow

Infor Workflow is an intelligent process automation solution that executes tasks in innovative ways, recommending next-best actions, predicting potential issues, and adjusting your systems accordingly.

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