Infor OS

The foundation for your business systems ecosystem

Future-proofing your investment

Infor OS serves as the underlying foundation for your entire business enterprise ensuring that systems work seamlessly together, delivering automated intuitive business insights with the flexibility to support changing business and industry needs.

Continuous evolution—enabled by Infor technology

Designed to maximise the potential of both your technology and your people, it provides a conversational UX that makes systems intelligent, intuitive, and exponentially more valuable.

Infor OS is designed to bring information to you – when and where you need it – in an automated way. Users can be alerted when potential problems arise, pop in and out of different business applications and collaborate in real-time and in context with colleagues to resolve issues by subscribing to different topics or conversations.

Infor OS allows organisations to build a centralised space for collaboration, business process improvement, enterprise document management, and contextual analytics that is fully embedded within your ERP financials, and other organisational systems. By putting critical content where people can easily find and use it to execute the business processes for which they’re responsible for, it allows employees to work smarter and faster and enables your business to create a work environment in line with modern employee expectations.

Dramatically simplify your IT landscape

Simplicity and efficiency are the driving forces behind Infor OS. Its architecture is inspired by the internet, which is the most scalable and integrated application ever designed.

Key features and benefits

Increase productivity

Simplify your IT landscape

Synchronise information sources

Improve user adoption

Increase agility & flexibility

Embedded collaboration capabilities

Take a proactive approach to problem solving

Make better decisions

Make information a competitive advantage

Infor Partner of the year 2017 TouchstoneEnergy