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Infor Workflow

The smarter way to manage your workflows

Infor ION Workflow: intelligent process automation

Infor ION Workflow is an assembly of tools that can help with executing tasks in innovative ways, recommending next-best actions and even predicting potential issues and adjusting your systems accordingly.

Significant ROI

By systematically fusing Machine Learning (ML) insights into its integration and BPM engine to create a connected ecosystem, Infor Workflow can deliver intelligent automation across all areas of your business enterprise.

This multi-channel system integration and interaction enables repeatability meaning you invest in a solution that can produce multiple projects quickly with a significant Return on Investment (ROI).

Innovation and technology

With custom data and industry-specific templates embedded within your Infor Workflow processes, everyday distractions are removed, providing a foundation of technology and innovation.

Built to continuously improve and adapt using advanced technology accessible to all employees, the intelligent process automation solution evolves as your business evolves and those industries around you.

Simplify operations and optimize processes

Whether you are exploring a user experience powered by voice, considering increased smart automation or discovering predictable insights in enterprise data, Infor Workflow enables simplified operations.

Utilizing citizen modelling for ML insights, you can create smart workflows and solutions, leveraging decision routing based on predictions that help optimize your business processes.

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Key Benefits of Infor Workflow:

Visual drag-and-drop interface that puts the power of AI in the users' hands.

Implement projects quickly by combining custom data with our industry-specific templates.

Seamlessly integrate Machine Learning (ML) with existing business logic and custom apps.

Other features of Infor OS:

Infor OS Technology Stack

Infor OS Technology Stack

Designed as your digital transformation platform, Infor OS seamlessly integrates your business systems giving organization-wide visibility into real-time management information needed to drive business decisions.

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Infor ION

Infor ION

Infor Intelligent Open Network (ION) integrates any 3rd party enterprise systems with Infor business software eliminating information silos and optimizing your return on technology investments.

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Infor Document Management

Infor Document Management

Infor Document Management allows users to attach, view, edit, share, download and control the flow of electronic documents around your organization whilst retaining document security.

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