Proactis Contract Management

The smarter way to manage your supplier contracts

Proactis Contract Management is a central repository for all types of supplier contracts.

Improve your procurement process with full visibility of your supplier contracts including transaction history, spend analysis and negotiations.

Negotiate better terms and lower prices

With online access to approved suppliers, you already have contracts with, users have complete visibility of key contract data including critical dates, values, other KPI's and supporting documentation.

The system offers the capability to link purchase transactions with the original supplier contract, with drill-down to the individual purchase orders.

By tracking renewal dates and using advanced alerts your contracts and procurement department will avoid automatic contract rollover and assumed renewal.

Our customers save millions of dollars annually through better management of their supplier contracts.

Ensure compliance with sourcing controls

As the Energy market saturates and the number of regulatory and legal guidelines increases, it is essential that standards are not compromised.

With due diligence checks built into the automated supplier selection process, the administrative burden is replaced with quality supply chain governance.

Allowing managers to mitigate risk provides stakeholders with confidence that your organization will only be buying from an authorized supplier base.

Buying goods and services using one integrated system

Proactis Contract Management is fully integrated with your Proactis Purchase to Pay (P2P) platform.

Buyers can call off goods and services against supplier contracts without the need for switching between different systems.

With all purchasing activity being tracked against each supplier and contract, the system will deliver rich reporting and analysis, including supplier performance KPI's.

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Key Benefits of Proactis Contract Management:

Upload and maintain all contract documentation within a single repository for full visibility of all contract data.

Full monitoring and analysis of supplier performance that ensures compliance with your organization’s buying policies.

Increase savings through better contract visibility, spend analysis allowing for better price negotiations.

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Discover our Software

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