Proactis Purchase-to-Pay

The smarter way to manage your spend

Proactis Purchase to Pay (P2P) is a web-based eProcurement and Spend Management Platform.

Modular by design, Proactis P2P is an automated spend management solution that helps better manage spend against budget.

Simplify the day-to-day purchasing process

In an industry prone to unexpected and sometimes unbudgeted operational costs; purchasing can pose a unique challenge to the Energy sector.

Managing the complete buying cycle from expression of need through full DOA approval and payment; Proactis P2P provides you with robust controls including budget and contract compliance.

Maintaining transparency

Proactis P2P gives you control of the whole buying process - from purchase requisition and DOA approval, to purchase order distribution and receipt – for all goods and services.

You can be assured that your employees and contractors order within your defined procedures, policies and budgets.

Proactis provides for real time posting of purchase order commitments and accruals to ensure complete visibility of expenditure against AFE or Project.

Use of extensive data validation rules helps reduce user error which ultimately enhances the quality of your data and reporting accuracy.

Configured for your business

Our skilled team will configure Proactis P2P to match the requirements of your business.

We will seamlessly integrate your Spend Management platform with most ERP systems, including Infor SunSystems, whilst ensuring that the move from manual to automated process is neither disruptive or complicated.

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Key Benefits of Proactis Purchase to Pay:

Rapid deployment of out-of-the-box reports, KPIs and dashboards for your C&P department including full spend analytics.

Maintain complete transaction history and audit trail with status updates.

Eliminate time-consuming, error prone manual entry with 2, 3, or 4-way matching for all goods and services.

"Addax Petroleum have adopted an 800 user Proactis P2P system companywide to standardize purchasing processes and help drive buying efficiency across all operating locations"

Head of IT, Addax Petroleum

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P2P for Oil & Gas

P2P for Oil & Gas

Integrating Proactis Purchase to Pay with existing financial management systems, such as Infor SunSystems, gives Oil & Gas firms enhanced control and auditability around their operational divisions and head office functions.

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P2P for Renewable and Utilities

P2P for Renewable and Utilities

Proactis Purchase to Pay provides renewable and utility trading organizations with a solution that meets their unique requirements including spend management, budget checking, commitment accounting and reporting.

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Transforming spend control

Transforming spend control

In this blog, we discuss the 6 simple steps you can take to transform your spend control processes and significantly reduce costs on an enterprise and departmental level.

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