Timesheet Software

Accurate time recording, approval and cost recharge options

EnergyFlow time writing

Streamlined timesheet processes

A part of our EnergyFlow suite, our time writing software automates the timesheet process

By capturing data and analyzing time against projects, all hours worked are accounted for correctly and charged for in full. This prevents the very real risk of poor time recording harming project cost overruns.

Full cost recovery

Full cost recovery becomes routine as workers input hours directly into the system analysed by individual project or AFE.

Using EnergyFlow’s intuitive web interface and capturing all your employees’ time, EnergyFlow automates the approval process at the same time calculates the total available time for recharges and invoicing.

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Improved efficiency

By replacing time-consuming manual processes with a simple web-based system, staff can input their timesheets from anywhere.

EnergyFlow supports daily, weekly or month time-writing processes, helping to reduce the administration burden and making information available sooner.

We configure the system to match your unique approval workflows, building in authorisation stages where appropriate.

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Accurate and transparent data

Clear audit trails give partners confidence that recharge amounts are correct.

Internally, transparency ensures management teams and other stakeholders’ trust that time recording processes are rigorous, reliable and accurate.

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Key features and benefits

Web-based timesheets that can be completed from any location

Default cost and charge rates based on activity or project

Accurate time-recording against a validated list of projects/AFEs

Full online real-time analysis and reporting

Hourly, daily, weekly or monthly time recording options

Optional timesheet approval

What our clients say...

"Seven Energy adopted EnergyFlow for group wide time-writing and employee expenses with corporate credit card statement import."

Seven Energy is the leading integrated gas company in south east Nigeria that supplies gas to the power generation and manufacturing industries. Operations cover exploration, production, processing and distribution of hydrocarbons.

Seven Energy adopted EnergyFlow for group wide time-writing and employee expenses with corporate credit card statement import.

Group Systems ManagerSeven Energy International (Upstream & Midstream)