Drilling and Daily Cost Tracker

The smarter way to track your daily costs

Drilling and Daily Cost Tracker: daily cost management and in-depth forecasting.

Web-based and easy-to-use, our Drilling and Daily Cost Tracker process allows for effective cost management with synchronized financial information and reporting.

Cost to Complete calculations

Our Daily Cost Tracker records, analyses and reports costs, time and depth, curve analysis against the original AFE and budget.

By tracking activity and each phase of the drilling campaign, the system enables users to accurately analyze expenditure against the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) then forecast the Cost to Complete with over/under spend analysis allowing for budget adjustments where necessary.

Real-time, automated reporting

Complicated spreadsheets which capture information such as actual and budget data, as well as non-financial data, are replaced by real-time, automated charts, graphs and grid-based reports.

Easy-to-use reporting allows users to spot trends and identify potential cost overruns during any drilling campaign.

TouchstoneEnergy integration

Specifically built for the Oil & Gas sector, our Drilling and Daily Cost Tracker solution has been designed to deliver accurate and auditable tracking of all costs with detailed analysis against the original AFE.

Our team of Energy sector experts can integrate our Drilling and Daily Cost Tracker solution with your existing accounting systems including Infor SunSystems, SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Business Central.

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Request the Drilling and Daily Cost Tracker Datasheet

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Request the Drilling & Daily Cost Tracker Datasheet

Key Benefits of Drilling and Daily Cost Tracker:

Real-time cost, time and depth analysis.

Web-based platform with flexible actual vs budget management reporting.

Accurate and auditable management information.

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