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    Global business systems and IT consultancy dedicated to the oil and gas, renewable energy, mining and downstream trading industries.

    Infor Partner of the Year 2017

    Infor FMS Partner of the Year 2017

    We are recognized by Infor as the only global partner with specializations in Upstream Oil & Gas and Oilfield Services

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    TouchstoneEnergy is a global business systems and IT consultancy delivering software solutions, ongoing support and managed services to the energy sector. By automating and integrating financial and business processes from across each customer organization, we help management teams improve financial control, streamline productivity, and make smarter decisions.

    Our software portfolio brings together a range of solutions recognized for their effectiveness within the energy sector. These include industry-leading products such as Infor SunSystems and Infor EAM, and our very own energy sector-specific Business Process Management Platform, EnergyFlow. Our fully integrated solutions are suitable for organizations of any size and level of complexity.

    Implementations are fast, efficient, and cost-effective, with system builds and templates pre-configured to fit the different types of energy sector businesses. We also provide specialised configurations to meet individual customer needs.

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    TouchstoneEnergy offer a full range of solutions for Oil and Gas, Renewables, Mining, Commodity Trading and Oil Field Services.

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    Browse our range of brochures and whitepapers which detail our solutions. Read insights and more information about TouchstoneEnergy.

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    Case Studies

    Read over our range of Energy Sector case studies to gain an understanding of how to overcome common industry challenges.

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    What our clients say...

    "We have been thoroughly impressed by TouchstoneEnergy. They came to the table with solutions for all our requirements"

    Seven Energy International removed manual business processes with the help of TouchstoneEnergy

    We have been thoroughly impressed by TouchstoneEnergy. They came to the table with solutions for all our requirements

    Group Systems ManagerSeven Energy International